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Activities in Lefkada

Wind Surf:

Lefkada is the paradise of windsurfing. The beach of Vassiliki is among the three best beaches in Europe and among the 10 best beaches worldwide.

Every summer, due to special circumstances in area, the thermal wind comes and increases steadily from  noon until late  afternoon.

The power of the wind is about 4-5 bft and reaches 6-7 bft.

Vassiliki is an ideal place to windsurf ,  slalom and freestyle with these ideal side shore conditions. There, you will find many windsurfing schools and specialised shops for beginners and advanced athletes.

In Vassiliki every summer takes place the water sports festival with athletes and spectators from all over the world. 


Organised Diving centres are operating in Lefkada, which organize diving trips and provide assistance and expertise to first dive (discover scuba), deep dives, diving of any kind, first aid courses, exploring the underwater flora and fauna.

In Vassiliki operates a fully equipped diving center, while the underwater wealth of Vassiliki bay and the wider region will give you unforgettable experiences.

Horse Riding:

In Vasilliki area there is an operating Riding School, the name of the Horse Riding School is “NICK” and  hosts 20 horses in a pleasant environment.

There is competent staff to help you with the horse riding lessons beginner and advanced (for children and adults). The lessons include  theory and practise.

You can enjoy walks in the valley and also on the beach of Vassiliki.

Moreover, at the port of Vassiliki, there is a wagon in which the visitor can enjoy tours in the region.


The mountainous area of Lefkada is known for its rich flora, the paths with the wonderful scenery, the canyons, ravines and ideal for long walks and excursions. Beautiful walks are considered:

From Vassiliki to  Agiofili, the path of Melissa Gorge, the waterfalls of Nidri, the gorge Dimosari and the forest of Skaros.

Specifically, the most amazing trekking routes of Lefkada are:

  • From the village Chortata, to Stavrota (altitude 1.141 m) and the tableland of Englouvis.
  • From the village Aghios Elias to Stavrota and the tableland of Englouvis
  • From Englouvi to Aghios Donatos
  • From Nikiana village to Skaros
  • From Vlichos to the area of Geni and Aghia Kiriaki
  • From Nydri to the canyon of Dimosari
  • From Kavalos to the Melissa Gorge 
  • From Karya to the field of Karyas - H.C of Aghios Ioannis
  • From Fryni of H.C of Faneromenis
  • From Charadiatika to the Canyon of Alatros 
  • From Paleokatouna to Niochori
  • From Vournika to the H.C of Aghios Ioannis in Rodaki
  • From Sivros to the Cave of Karoucha
  • From Marantochori to Amousa
  • From Dragano to Gialos
  • From Athani to Egremni
  • From Aghios Petros to Roupakia
  • From Spartochori of Meganissi to Aghios Ioannis
  • From Katomeri of Meganissi to Atherinos
  • Lefkada - Castle - Gira - Lefkada (a route including the lagoon in Lefkada’s municipality) 
  • From Kalamos to Episkopi  

Cycling- Mountain Bike:

In Vassiliki village and in the entire  island of Lefkada, you can enjoy cycling. There are wonderful routes in the valley of Vassiliki and in the surrounding villages, while for mountain bike you can choose  the green mountains and the picturesque villages. There are in Vassiliki village, in Nidri and in the city of Lefkada, organised cycling clubs with cycling  programs and cycling rental offices  for independent walks. The springs of Kerasia near Vasiliki village, the village Haradiatika,  Dimosari village  with the waterfalls, the forest of Dafni in Sivros, are considered ideal destinations for Mountain Bike.

Paragliding – Aeronautics:

Paragliding is a simple and enjoyable form of flight. The pilot takes off from a hill and through the wind draughts the paraglider lowers to lift off. The landing is taking place in the beautiful beach “Kathisma”. The experience is unique and the flight is performed with a double parachute and an experienced pilot.

In the town of Lefkada an Aeroclub operates for many years and is open for those who love recreation flights with ultra-light aircrafts and aeromodelling as well. Those who wish a unique experience and see the island from above can arrange a flight. 

Sailing - Kite surf - Water Sports & Games:


In our days, those who enjoy the beauties of Lefkada by using a sailing boat, become more and more…The island of Lefkada hides many surprises to the modern explorers, with magnificent bays, traditional fish villages and sandy white beaches accessible only by boat.

Kite Surf:

Kite surf is a combination of windsurfing, waterski, wakeboard and paragliding. It could, in a way, be the continuance of windsurfing. The rider uses a small boat, driving while holding the boom, connected with long ropes to the kite.

Water sports – Games:

The bay of Vassiliki, which apart from a surfers’ paradise it has on its West leeward side “lakelike conditions” during the whole day. These conditions are ideal for water skiing and wake board. On this side of the bay, in an environment where all safety rules are kept, there is a water sports center that initiates the visitors to the secrets of waterskiing and those of the wake board. Even those that are not sports fans can have fun with the tubes, the banana and the fly-fish or can see the bay from above and enjoy a unique experience with parasailing.

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