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Enodia hotel in Lefkada (Lefkas) welcomes you in this beautiful island.

The ancient Aeolian Goddess of the roads, the custodian of the wayfarers, the voyagers, the excursionists. You can find us in the South. Into the recess of a tender cove. Into the cobalt blue . In Vassiliki Beach. A small town; harborage, and a median place, a bridge to the Ionian islands and even Italy.

Because the roads, either by the sea or the land, in air or digital do not just lead in places. The roads, as by the Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”, lead to the people Enodia was an appellation, epithet of Artemis, Hecate or Persephone. The most frequent locus of the name is Thessaly, where Enodia was identified with Artemis. Timarete of Corinth, who died in Pella, Macedonia in the late 5th century BC, is the only attested priestess of the Goddess

Along with ‘Enodia” then! For not to be..deviated! 

Το μετάλλιο της trivago δείχνει την καλή δημοτικότητα μας
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